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  1. porn pass

    the format is: EMAIL:USERNAME:PASSWORD due to the nature of cracking billing sites some passes may not work..anyway..ENJOY!
  2. Exclusive for Cpass Members. Sentry Mba 1.4.1 Beta 4 - Latest Version. Tested and Clean by me, Pro_crack3r. We already have a version in Cracking Section, but that one got old. So, this is the working one. Regarding the Configs and the use of Sentry, guys... use 30-35 Bots at Max. If not the configs get broked. You can set up that manually on the Progression Tab, before start crack. Changelog - Added new option in general settings frame to save automatically to check combos on file upon end of bruteforcing session.- Added new option in general settings frame to detect automatically problems with internet connection: this one should prevent endless socket loop under some network conditions.- Bruteforcer wordlist position is saved automatically each 60 seconds for each site. The saved positions will be reloaded and saved in the relative snapshots at the program start if the program closes unexpectedly.- History filters defined in the history options frame are now loaded automatically in the history frame. Fon this reasons now most options are gone in the context menu, since they are grouped in the filter modes and can be expanded by the user.- Added new capture functions in the parsing code wizard. The new data type will be saved under new columns available in the history frame.- Added new functions in the variables wizard, check the pdf for the details. In particular you can now issue a key match by variables...moreover added just one function that will help users who want to do real time combo manipulation by variables.- Intermediate action stages can now be fully configured with variables.- Progression frame -> Bot Debugs can now be cleared, check new command available in the progression frame.- Defined new HTTP codes in the statistics panel by the progression frame. Move the mouse pointer on the code and context help will tell you the meaning.- Global keys are now checked after site keys regardless of the key type.- All hard aborted combos (such combo are not tested!) will now go to the to check tab.- Added new scan function in wordlist frame: this function will scan a directory for wordlists and will tell you for each one the saved position and progression for the currect selected snapshot. For this function to work a snapshot has to be selected in the main site menu. Moreover wordlist lengths will be stored only upon opening the file in wordlist frame. So if you want this feature to fully work you should open in wordlist frame at least one time the list you want to track for.- History options frame -> User can now activate/deactivate the realtime update of history frame by bruteforcer. This option is deactivated by default.- History options frame -> User can now tells MBA if he wants sources and debugs to be saved by file together with the result in the history frame. This option is activated by default.- Main file settings and site settings files (i.e. snapshots) are now loaded in memory.- Improved detections of proxies that do not support SLL when bruteforcing a HTTPS site: such proxies will issue a 419 code and will be banned.- Added new options in proxy analyzer: in particular you can now analyze a HTTPS site; moreover you can set how many keywords you want for site specific analysis and differentiate between header and source key. Finally engine has been improved too. Go check all the changes you lazy one.- Now all sites in main sites menu are ordered by main site sub-domain.- Other additions here and there. (i.e. the one i forgot i made )- Major and minor improvements here and there. (too lazy to write down the list...)- Major and minor bug fixes here and there. (there are to be some right? ) - Finally language samples have been updated and a new tess language (cp27) is availbale -> thanx go to choper for this one! Scans: Virus Total + Jotti.org Virus Total: https://www.virustotal.com/es/file/e24a86179c15ed2bd760b7f7a8306cfec7ea7bfb5b6035767d013956f54826a8/analysis/1397122091/ Jotti.org: http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/462f06c787b25c1b20473c0f7dc6fa5c9bce8da7
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