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Found 22 results

  1. Hi guys, I would like to share a book that goes through a real life hacking scenario : From building phishing malware to hacking a Mainframe (while of course p0wning some Windows Domains :-) ) It showcases up to date content with custom scripts and unique hacking techniques Enjoy ! Sparc F.
  2. How do I get my browser (any browser) to stream videos instead of automatic downloading them first?
  3. So members of CPASS I've been getting many Questions about how to get sentry mba or vertex or any other .exe cracking or checker tool on mac. So this is the only Solution for it ! 1. U need to get a vmware Fusion (Virtual Machine Software) which is this case for mac OS get it from the link : Winrar for mac to extract the file : SERIAL IN INCLUDED IN THE RAR 2. After you download it you need to install it on mac and then run it here is a full tutorial how to install it and install windows using it 3.And here is an Windows 10 ISO File which you need to use vmware to install after looking at the tutorial in step 2 CHEERS
  4. This is some basic stuff, I didn t make this but credits goes to original creator
  5. Hello everyone ,I would love to use The hawkeye program , if anyone can Provide a usefull tuto , it would be really awesome! I take the product via this thread : HawkEye BruteCrack [Cracked By Elamino] [12 Modules] [brutecrack/Scraper/Checker] Any help is welcome. Trying to use the Fb Module. Thx!
  6. Welcome by the cracking tutorial! First of all my english will not be perfect sorry for that. If you have any questions ask them! I will reply as fast as possible and help each other we are one big family in this forum! Also this tutorial is not for advanced crackers, but for people who don't know how to start cracking.. (The download includes 44 configs!) (wich I gathered from this forum from trusted members) Okay first of all you have multiple programs to crack but we are using sentry MBA 1.4.1 personally I like sentry mba the most. You can download sentry mba here: http://adf.ly/1P6xAC (44 configs are included I didn't made them myself!) Virusscan: http://www.refud.me/results.php?id=x8rmlnkvkdimfniggp62zzse6p5tg8swhbg (1 found something) I use it and I don't have any problems or rats installed.. So when you downloaded sentry mba + the configs. We have to do some things more before we can start cracking Option 1 First of all we need a email:pass list (combo list) search for one on crackingpass or on another forum. Be carefull make sure the list is not to old! I recommend that the list isn't older than a week. The best thing you can do is that you search for a new combolist everyday! (I will also make a tutorial later how to make your own combolists!) So when you found a combolist you save the combolist somewhere on your desktop where you can find it easy! Than we have to search for a proxy list (you don't need proxy's with some configs like origin, but with the most you need it) I would recommend proxy's from this sites: http://newfreshproxies24.blogspot.nl/ and http://sslproxies24.blogspot.ca you also always use proxy's from this forum ofcourse! Make sure your proxy lists are fresh I would recommend to search each day for a new proxy list. You can use proxy list max for around 4 days. Make one big list of all your small proxy lists. Save that file somewhere on your desktop where you can find it easily. Okay so now we have everything to start cracking! That is how simple it is to get your recources! Okay so now you can launch sentry mba.exe you probaly will something like this Just the start screen. Now you will click on 'Load settings from snapchat' locate your cracking configs. In this tutorial we will crack netflix so choose the netflix.ini config Now you will see some small changes. Now you can go to lists open the proxy lists click on the map button and locate your proxy.txt file. Sentry mba will load your proxy's All the proxy's are now loaded. Now you can click on wordlists for this option of cracking (the faster option) you want to see this on your wordlists screen Make sure the mode is on combolist! On the right of wordlists you see again a map. Click on it and locate your combolist (email:pass) or (username:pass) Than sentry mba will load your combolist you wanna see this You installed everything now! It is that simple now you can head to progression. Click on the left on start a small window will pop up. Click on 'Start the Bruteforcer engine' Sentry mba will start cracking accounts! Very Important with netflix configs all not working accounts will be placed in 'to check' ) With other site configs this isn't. You can choose the amount of bots I use most of the time around 30-40 bots. You will see there are some retries with proxy's this always if you crack with proxy's! In the time sentry mba is cracking do something else watch netflix or play a game becuase it can take some time. Sentry mba will ban or deactive some proxy's if they are banned by the site or if they don't connect (these are the most common reasons) If you are lucky some accounts will be placed in 'hits' these accounts work and you can share these on crackingpass or use for your self! An easy way to copy all the hits is to select them all and click on copy combo to clipboard. You will get the working accounts in this format email:pass or username:pass. I hope you learned something about cracking with this tutorial. Again sorry for my english! If you have any questions ask them! Don't ask me for any accounts I will not reply on this question Other ways to crack will be aded later..
  7. Hit a like Just click the link and all you have to do is make 1 post on 5 different forums to get paid. It's really simple and legit. http://happyminercoupon.com/?gc
  8. Hi Guys Since This is my firsy post in the forum i decided to make it something decent Today i'm going to show to you how to crack an origin accounts with photos "Step by step" If I Have Helped You Please apperciate my work and put +Reputation
  9. Cross Site Scripting or XSS is still one of the most common injection vulnerability that exist in modern as well as legacy Web Applications. This course will teach XSS in-depth and even talk about the lesser known derivatives of XSS called Mutation XSS (mXSS) and Relative Path Overwrite XSS (RPO XSS). If you are interested in learning about the different types of XSS, different context in XSS, and about real world red team XSS Exploitation, then this course is for you and it does not take hours. Invest just 2 hours and master XSS in-depth. This course is completely hands-on and every concept is explained with a demo or exercise. This allow students to try out all the things that they have learned. This course explains XSS, its types, context and also discuss about exploiting XSS vulnerabilities in real world where you can perform offensive attacks ranging from Keylogging, Cookie Stealing, Phishing, Victim/Browser/Network Fingerprinting to much advanced attacks like reverse TCP shell, Driveby Attacks etc with OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework. OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework is an Advanced Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability Detection and Exploitation Framework written by the author of this course. Finally we will also discuss about XSS Protection where we discuss about Input Validation, Context Sensitive output escaping and the various security headers that help us to mitigate XSS. Also as a take away you will get “The Ultimate XSS Protection Cheat sheet†from OpenSecurity. Introduction The course will cover the following things. What is XSS? Why XSS? Types of XSSReflected XSS or Non-Persistent XSS Stored XSS or Persistent XSS DOM XSSmXSS or Mutation XSS RPO or Relative Path Overwrite XSS What are the Source of XSS? Different Contexts in XSSHTML Context Attribute Context URL Context Style Context Script Context Attacks in Real World Exploiting XSS with OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework XSS Protection What are the requirements? Knowing a little about HTML and JavaScript is good but not mandatory. Knowledge about How a typical Web Application Works What am I going to get from this course Over 16 lectures and 1.5 hours of content! Learn about the most widely find Injection Attack, Cross Site Scripting (XSS). Explore in-depth about XSS and it’s less known derivatives like mXSS and RPO XSS Learn how to detect XSS in a Web Application Learn about real world red team XSS Exploitation. Learn how to break different contexts and execute code. What is the target audience? Pentesters Web Application Security Engineers Web Application Developers Security Engineers Students Anyone with Interest in Web Security Buy our course from Udemy for just 50$ Check out Download: Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/6be2f0db95c66818c9d3dd06d0c7bfb1c33f1d1a2d7172188fa79d2354abef77/analysis/1427921442/