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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Welcome to Service No. 1, among the back-connect rotation residential proxies Nosok.org Proxies from Nosok.org perfectly show great results in parsing, creating accounts, brute, working with social networks and well with all the known software, using our proxy servers, you will always achieve high results To verify compatibility with your tasks, we recommend that you take the test in automatic mode on our website. The test rate for 3 hours is 200 threads without speed limit. To get a test on your account, there should be $ 2. We do not charge this money for the test, they remain on your account and you will be able to spend them on buying the package in the future. We want to offer you the best packages of proxies at the best prices for you: "Threads" means simultaneous connections. More threads = higher speed. "Access IPs" means from how many computers you can use proxies. 50 Threads Package Price: $90/month - With 15% OFF lifetime discount $76.5 20,000+ Proxies Pool. Maximum 50 Threads. 1 Access IP. 1 Access IP. 200 Threads Package Price: $150/month - With 15% OFF lifetime discount $127.5 20,000+ Proxies Pool. Maximum 200 Threads. 1 Access IP. 1 Access IP. 1000 Threads Package Price: $300/month - With 15% OFF lifetime discount $255 20,000+ Proxies Pool. Maximum 1000 Threads. 1 Access IP. 3000 Threads Package Price: $600/month - With 15% OFF lifetime discount $510 20,000+ Proxies Pool. Maximum 3000 Threads. 1 Access IP. You can pay for the subscription using the most famous payment systems WebMoney, BITCOIN, Payeer, Interkassa and other systems: We remind you that to receive a permanent discount of 15% you need to reply to the topic on the forum with the following text: "I want a discount and provide your login (e-mail)" If you have any additional questions, you can always contact us at one of the contacts: Contacts: Telegram: @nosokorg Jabber: nosok@xmpp.jp Skype: nosok.org ICQ: 55554986 E-mail: nosok.service@gmail.com
  2. The advantages of RSocks: High quality services. Working with RSocks, you achieve maximum efficiency of the workflow; 24-hour technical support. Simply choose the convenient communication channel for you: Jabber, Skype, Telegram, ICQ, ticket system and convenient Live chat on our site; Attention to details. Individual approach to solving your problems; Payments on the referral system are made within 24 hours; Guarantee of anonymity, absence of logging; Refunds are made within 24 hours (except for daily packages); Free hour of testing our services for new users. The RSocks team operates on the principle of "one IP address - in one hand". This is what guarantees an individual approach to your tasks and quality work for the entire period of subscription to the service. Advantages in using VPN from RSocks: Maximum safety. The service creates a special encryption tunnel, through which all your personal information will be transmitted; __________ Lack of logs. Our system does not provide for the maintenance of statistics and does not create records by which the user could be identified; __________ Support for Torrent, P2P, VoIP. Having installed our VPN, you get a unique opportunity to download unlimited volumes of video and audio, as well as share your content with other users; __________ Unlimited bandwidth. Using VPN from RSocks, you can watch streaming video, chat with friends on video chat and use other features of the global network; __________ Versatile use. Our VPN service works on all devices, including game consoles and Smart-TVs with an Internet connection. __________ Own applications for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS. Servers are located in the following countries: USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Romania, Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Israel, Isle of Man, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Estonia, Belgium, Austria and others. At the moment, the number of countries is more than 30, and this figure is increasing daily. We offer you the possibility of a quick start to the business of selling our proxy services under your brand, based on the White Label model. White Label definition on Wikipedia Read more about this offer on RSocks White Label All requests and suggestions will be received on the mail wl@rsocks.net A link to download RSocks proxy checker you can find on the main page, and IP-Changer - in your personal account. Jabber: support@rsocks.net PHONE:+1 518 555 0176 Telegram: @RSocks Skype: rsocks.net QQ: 3307018252 WeChat: rsocks ICQ: 560335 www.rsocks.net
  3. ProxiesCheap.com - Unlimited USA private proxies and best prices! We offer: elite quality, fully anonymous, unlimited bandwidth, fastest speed USA proxies. We will provide you stable, quality and reliable private proxies, top level of anonymity. There's no data transfer limit with our proxies - use it as you want. Ejoy super fast 1000 mb/s speed servers with 99,9% uptime! Suitable with any software, website, program - no restrictions. Get up from 100 to 1,000 proxies! Price is as low as $ 0.2 per unit! Buy more and save more! Get an 50 % LIFETIME discount - proxiescheap.com/buy/1000-usa-proxies . Enjoy your free list of 100 sample elite quality test proxies from ProxiesCheap.com Fresh proxy list: 21 March (21 03), 2017:
  4. Hi there community, Hoping somebody can help me out. recently I have just started trying to crack passwords and have been giving it a lot of trial and error along with a lot of patience. So far though, to no avail. I have set up several programs to see if I achieve different results. but right now I'm using C-Force and Sentry MBA. I have downloaded a great list of 500 anon proxies that are only a day old. and the freshest of combo lists that I can find on this website but with no luck so far. Cracking mofos.com as an example to test if it works and I've been hitting results after a slight stumble with proxy errors all day but just 10s of dead accounts after a day of waiting. Is this normal and should I just be more patient? Also why are dead links popping up as results anyway? this is in C-Force. How will I tell the difference apart if I eventually get a working link? Some of these combos can go up to hundreds of thousands of words. waited a full 20 hours for a 22,000 password file to go through the motions. is there any way to make this process any faster or its just a patience is a virtue kind of a thing huh? Thanks for taking the time to look at my post and hopefully you can help me out. anything would be appreciated. (Tips, Programs, Wordlist recommendations, Success combos, Proxies, etc...?) I don't mind reading and learning if I have to. it's intriguing to me lol